Столкновения между полицией и протестующими в Париже по поводу убийства представителя местной китайской общины

Жестокие стокновения разразились в Париже между полицией противодействия уличным беспорядкам и протестующими, выражающими яростное недовольство против убийства полицией представителя китайской … More

Hundreds of protesters detained after massive wave of repressions in Belarus

March 25 was planned by some liberal opposition leaders as the day of the biggest protest against Lukashenko’s policies this year. The biggest one on the wave of the recent anti-governmental demonstrations that started in February this year. It ended with the biggest police mobilization in years bringing thousands of riot cops to Minsk and detaining hundreds of people preventive and during the demonstration. This Saturday capital of Belarus looked like a war zone created by the police.

Campaign of disinformation

After March 15 the Belarusian government started working with double energy to bring in as much disinformation as they could: radioactive load on some plane, car full of explosives coming from Ukraine, old nationalist organization plotting riots, loads of weapons confiscated during raids. All of this has bombarded Belarusian society through governmental media in recent days, creating the atmosphere of terror from one side, but al

Видео задержания анархистов 25 марта

Один из читателей прислал нам видео задержания анархистов во время акции 25 марта. На нем видно, что ребята смогли развернуть один баннер и флаги и сгруппироваться перед задержанием.